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Deeper dives into topics most on your mind

We took the topics Central Washington nonprofit leaders told us are most on their minds… and recruited experts who can provide practical information and solutions.

Fundraising in 2024: Where do I start?

Donor giving is down locally and nationally. We are still recovering from COVID-19. Our volunteers haven’t come back. Where do we go from here? It’s time to get back to fundraising basics. Let’s look at the big picture, spend some time learning from each other, and making a fundraising plan for the future. There is room for creativity and innovation in the basics as well! Come with questions and leave with action and inspiration. 

Heidi Pelletier

Chief Development Officer, Yakima Valley Community Foundation

For more than 17 years, Heidi has had the privilege of working with individuals, families, foundations, and corporations to make change through meaningful philanthropy. Heidi spearheads development efforts for the Yakima Valley Community Foundation, including advising fundholders, local nonprofits and boards on effective fundraising. She has partnered with benefactors to move forward the amazing mission and visions at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, and Heritage University. Heidi is a 21/64 Certified Advisor, with extensive training in multigenerational family philanthropy and recently obtained her Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation from the American College of Financial Services. Originally from Seattle, Heidi moved to Yakima in 2021 and loves spending her free time discovering all that is great about her new hometown with her husband and much doted upon dog.

Rebecca Zanatta

Founder & President, RJZ Connections, Inc.

Rebecca is creative nonprofit business professional with 25+ years’ experience raising funds, recruiting and training volunteers, developing new programs to fit constituents’ needs, and fostering environments to promote awareness and loyalty among target audiences with over 150+ clients in her nearly 12-year consulting career. Rebecca graduated from Washington State University with a BA in organizational communication, holds a MEd from the University of Idaho, and a Certificate in Fund Raising Management (CFRM) from the Lilly School of Philanthropy. She serves on the Board of Leadership Tomorrow, Washington State University Foundation Board of Advocates, and is Chair of the Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Trustees. She lives in Walla Walla where she is getting to know the local and vibrant nonprofit community and drinking some good wine too!

Transformative Delegation: Unleashing Potential in Your Team

Melanie Montgomery

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Shandel Group

Melanie Montgomery (Quinault) is COO of Shandel Group, a leadership development consulting firm. Melanie guides individuals and organizations on their journey of leadership development, executive coaching, and organizational development. Prior to Shandel Group, Melanie serve as the Executive Director of Hospitality at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino in Ocean Shores, Washington. Melanie has a MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and is an active board member with Native Action Network, a nonprofit organized to promote Native women’s full representation, participation and leadership in local, state, tribal, and national affairs.

Navigating Worker-related Rules in Washington State

What every nonprofit needs to know to be compliant with Washington State Department of Labor & Industries rules.

Nonprofits are required to follow worker-related laws in Washington. That means that every nonprofit needs to know what those laws are and how they relate to their work serving their community. 

In this workshop, we will provide an overview of what you need to know and why. During this session, we will walk through the three types of worker-related rules overseen by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries: wage & hour standards, safety and health, and workers’ compensation. You will hear about common challenges, issues around volunteers and unpaid interns, as well as opportunities that you may have not known about. Share your experiences with colleagues and leave the session with a few action steps to move forward within your organization.

Andrea Muñoz

Small Business Program Specialist | Especialista de la oficina para pequeños negocios, WA State Labor & Industries

Andrea Munoz is a member of the Small Business Office at the Department of Labor & Industries, which is dedicated to assisting small business owners navigate state government regulations and requirements. She has been with the agency for six years, providing direct customer assistance, training, and customized presentations.

Andrea Muñoz es miembro de la Oficina para pequeños negocios del Departamento de Labor e Industrias, que se dedica a ayudar a los propietarios de pequeños negocios a conocer las regulaciones y requisitos del gobierno estatal. Ella ha estado en la agencia durante seis años brindando asistencia directa al cliente, capacitación y presentaciones personalizadas.

Is it possible to Thrive as a Nonprofit Leader? The Answer is YES!

How can we cultivate our creativity and energy so that our role as leader is driven by our creative force and benefits our community, our organization, and ourselves? How can we thrive and ensure that the emerging leaders in our community and organizations will also be able to tap into their creative energy, generative capacity, and passion without burning out? These are the questions we will address in this workshop.

Two concepts can help leaders at all levels of the organization: valuing the wellbeing of our leaders and sharing our leadership power and responsibilities. We will explore these two concepts for you and your organization and give you space to think about concrete next steps you and your organization might take to make leadership roles more doable. When we succeed at making nonprofit leadership roles sustainable, we change the culture of our sector from being extractive and disempowering to being nourishing and empowering.

Jodi Nishioka

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, BIPOC ED Coalition Washington State

Jodi has worked for over 20 years on behalf of low-income communities, particularly women, children, and immigrant and refugee communities. She started her career as an attorney advocating for immigrant domestic violence survivors and single mothers fighting for child support in legal aid organizations in Boston and Honolulu. Jodi continued her work on behalf of women and children within state and city governments in Hawaii and Seattle, and later with grassroots nonprofit organizations.

Jodi enjoys her work because it combines her legal skills with her dedication to building power in communities of color and communities. Jodi is also on the board of directors of JustLead Washington.

How to Attract Top Talent When You Don’t Have Top Dollar

Layci Nelson

President, Transcend Leadership Collective 

For over eight years, Layci Nelson has equipped leaders with the clarity to gain self-awareness and the skills it takes to become a leader worthy of being followed. She excels at bringing theory to life in practical, no-cost or low-cost ways that can be implemented immediately. Layci has trained thousands of leaders, managers, and executives in traditional corporate settings, the United States Army, as well as in the agriculture and manufacturing industries. She is also the Communications for Leaders curriculum developer and instructor for the Heritage at Work initiative through Heritage University. As a first-generation college graduate, Layci has leveraged her BA in social work and minors in psychology and sociology to coach leaders and run designated workshops for The United States Army Corp of Engineers, Washington Fruit,Building Industry Association of Washington and more. When she’s not coaching leaders in making sustainable, impactful behavioral changes to powerfully support their teams, Layci is busy at home as a wife, mom of five (two boys, two dogs, and one cat), sampling the best coffee in the area as a self-professed coffee snob, or singing in the shower or car as an unapologetic Swiftie.

Karelys Davis

Director of Education and Training Division, Transcend Leadership Collective 

For decades, Karelys has taught one-on-one and led group workshops to help people find their way back to themselves or each other. Her zone of genius lies in supporting people along the journey of finding the tiny puzzle pieces that complete the whole picture and connecting the bigger parts, so they flow harmoniously.  Karelys works with individuals who are determined to create something new and break negative generational patterns. She is a connector of people and obsessed with finding the difference that makes the difference. In the same way that some people constantly make art, Karelys creates social structures where people feel safe, seen, and truly heard to experience the transformational power of human connection.


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  • Volunteer Management – Becki Lambert, Catholic Charities                       
  • Local advocacy – Zahra Roach, Children’s Development Center
  • Boards – Jeffrey Wilcox, Third Sector Company