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About us

The Central Washington Nonprofit Network convenes diverse nonprofit leaders so they learn, connect, and collaborate for strong communities. Local nonprofit leaders founded the Network in 2014 to be able to break out of the silos and isolation they were experiencing and find better solutions in collaboration with others. The Yakima Valley Community Foundation became the Network’s fiscal sponsor in 2020.

Our goals

The work of the Central Washington Nonprofit Network is defined by the theory of change:

Our communities are healthy when strong nonprofits are connected to each other and the resources around them, and they are focused on how they will make a difference.

The Network has three main goals:

  • Nonprofit leaders drive new solutions based on shared learning and connection.
  • Nonprofit leaders get culturally-relevant assistance within or near their community.
  • Emerging leaders shape new pathways to equity.

We achieve these goals through two primary programs: Network meetings and the annual Conference.

Our strategy

The Central Washington Nonprofit Network strengthens nonprofits through a three-legged stool model:

TRAINING: Nonprofit staff and volunteers have opportunities to learn about a range of topics that are fundamental to the improvement of nonprofit performance.^

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Nonprofit leaders receive right-sized technical assistance that solves a problem in a culturally competent way.

NETWORKING: Nonprofits have a chance to build a peer network that supports learning, resource-sharing, collaboration, and spirit-building in tough times.

Our values

We are guided by our core values:

EQUITY: The Network actively works to be inclusive in its work. It works to support nonprofits in under-resourced communities, and it invests time in cross-community relationship-building as an important element to building a stronger community as a whole.

COLLABORATION: The Network was founded to foster collaboration, and this continues to be an important guiding value.

IMPACT: The Network seeks to make a difference on the issues that matter to our communities.