Keynote with Shari Dunn

Reimagining the Nonprofit

APRIL 13, 2022 from 10:00-11:30am | ONLINE

To make real progress in advancing equity and justice in our communities, funders and nonprofits will need to deconstruct their thinking and the existing structure of non-profit work to reimagine and build something vibrant, diverse, and sustainable. Shari’s mantra when it comes to non-profits is “change your thinking, change your life.” She will illuminate the history, the challenges, and how staff, funders, and importantly the non-profit staff and board can help transform the sector change. Shari discusses the current equity challenges within the philanthropic and nonprofit communities and offers us an alternative path, the social enterprise model.

You will leave this session with fresh ideas and inspiration on how to better engage with your stakeholders and talk with and to funders. You will have a deeper understanding of why equity matters in nonprofit spaces and the steps you can take to move towards a more sustainable model. 

Shari Dunn, ITBOM

Shari Dunn is the CEO/ Principal of ITBOM, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in institutional and organizational systemic change, specifically focusing on Diversity Equity and Inclusions. ITBOM LLC also works in change management, women in leadership, and workforce development. ITBOM consults with companies as diverse as the fortune 500, State Agencies, and medium to small businesses. Shari is a former non-profit CEO, attorney, journalist, and foundation funder.  Shari was the Co-VP of Power of Attorney Foundation, a sub-grantee of the former Atlantic Philanthropies. She has been quoted in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Non-Profit Quarterly, and more. She is also an adjunct at the University of Portland in the Pamplin School of Business in the non-profit MBA program. She serves on the Oregon Talent and Workforce Development Board.  Her approach is outside the traditional human resources paradigm and is meant to help institutions with a systemic redesign to bring workplace equity.  Shari has been awarded Executive of the Year and one of the Women of Influence by the Portland Business Journal, amongst many other awards and honors.

Presentación con Shari Dunn, ITBOM

Reimaginando la organización sin fines de lucro

ABRIL 13, Presentación 2022 de 10:00-11:30am | EN LÍNEA

Para lograr un progreso real en el avance de la equidad y la justicia en nuestras comunidades, los financiadores y las organizaciones sin fines de lucro deberán deconstruir su pensamiento y la estructura existente de trabajo sin fines de lucro para reimaginar y construir algo vibrante, diverso y sostenible. El mantra de Shari cuando se trata de organizaciones sin fines de lucro es “cambia tu forma de pensar, cambia tu vida”. Ella iluminará la historia, los desafíos y cómo el personal, los financiadores y, lo que es más importante, el personal y la junta sin fines de lucro pueden ayudar a transformar el cambio del sector. Shari discute los desafíos actuales de equidad dentro de las comunidades filantrópicas y sin fines de lucro y nos ofrece un camino alternativo, el modelo de empresa social.

Saldrá de esta sesión con ideas frescas e inspiración sobre cómo interactuar mejor con sus partes interesadas y hablar con y para los financiadores. Tendrá una comprensión más profunda de por qué la equidad es importante en los espacios sin fines de lucro y los pasos que puede tomar para avanzar hacia un modelo más sostenible.