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Finance webinar

May 10, 2022 from 10:00-11:30am | ONLINE

With Luciano Patiño, co-CEO and co-Founder, Shétu Rose, co-CEO and co-Founder, and Curtis Klotz, Chief Learning Officer, Diverge Finance Cooperative

For nonprofits, we strengthen our decision making when we can see the whole truth about our programs and their finances. For a complete view of the financial state of any one program, we need to see the full range of resources required to support it. We do that by allocating costs. When we align our accounting systems with our mission, we can see how much our programs really cost, we can create better financial strategies, and we can prepare smarter grant proposals. The investment in strong and sophisticated accounting practices can be transformative for an organization.

This workshop will provide you with an overview of the principles and practices involved in true program cost accounting. The core of which is properly allocating shared and administrative expenses – those resources most at the core of our organizations. Join the Diverge Finance Cooperative founders for a practical and inspirational look at why investing in better accounting may be a strategic breakthrough for your nonprofit.


Luciano Patiño

An avowed finance and operations geek, Luciano Patiño is the co-founder and co-CEO at Diverge Finance. He started his career working at NorthstarMLS, helping Realtors make the best possible use of the tech tools at their disposal. Since then, he has worked with several nonprofits, all with different business models, on their technology and financial infrastructure. As a consultant, Luciano leads workshops on cultural competency, using the Intercultural Development Inventory and other tools. He is the recipient of the Moxie Award for Community Leadership from PFund Foundation, and is a former Humphrey Policy Fellow. In his free time, he can be found working out at his CrossFit gym or playing video games while curled up with his dog, Leila.

Shétu Rose

Shétu Rose is a co-founder and co-CEO at Diverge Finance Cooperative with 18+ years of financial management experience. Over the years she has led and supported administrative and strategic management teams for local and international organizations in the non-profit sector. Prior to founding Diverge, Shétu was the VP of Finance and Operations at the Center for Economic Inclusion and the Director of Finance at AchieveMpls. She also has a wealth of international experience in the humanitarian sector, having worked in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She is a passionate advocate for equity and human rights and is committed to bringing about sustainable economic change for families and communities. She serves on the Board of The Cedar Cultural Center and One Village Partners in Minnesota. Shétu lives in the Twin Cities metro with her husband and daughter.

Curtis Klotz

Curtis Klotz, CPA, is a co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Diverge Finance Cooperative. Diverge is a worker-owned cooperative that champions racial equity by advancing the leadership of persons of color in the finance and accounting field. As a presenter, Curt shares business model strategies for nonprofits and a commitment to equity in financial leadership that have emerged from more than 35 years of direct work in nonprofit organizations. Prior to founding Diverge, Curt held roles as Director of Nonprofit Innovation at CLA, VP of Finance & CFO at Propel Nonprofits, and Director of Finance and Administration at Indian Law Resource Center. He was also a founding board member and past Chairperson of the Montana Nonprofit Association. Curt has contributed a number of articles to Nonprofit Quarterly, various CPA journals, and was the principal author of CLA’s Innovation in Nonprofit Finance blog.

Seminario web de finanzas

Mayo 10, 2022 de 10: 00-11: 30 am | EN LÍNEA

Con Luciano Patiño, Shétu Rose y Curtis Klotz, Diverge Finance Cooperative

Para las organizaciones sin fines de lucro, fortalecemos nuestra toma de decisiones cuando podemos ver toda la verdad sobre nuestros programas y sus finanzas. Para una visión completa del estado financiero de cualquier programa, necesitamos ver la gama completa de recursos necesarios para respaldarlo. Lo hacemos asignando costos. Cuando alineamos nuestros sistemas de contabilidad con nuestra misión, podemos ver cuánto cuestan realmente nuestros programas, podemos crear mejores estrategias financieras y podemos preparar propuestas de subvenciones más inteligentes. La inversión en prácticas contables sólidas y sofisticadas puede ser transformadora para una organización. Este taller le proporcionará una visión general de los principios y prácticas involucrados en la verdadera contabilidad de costos del programa. El núcleo de los cuales es asignar adecuadamente los gastos compartidos y administrativos, los recursos más importantes en el núcleo de nuestras organizaciones. Únase a los fundadores de Diverge Finance Cooperative para obtener una visión práctica e inspiradora de por qué invertir en una mejor contabilidad puede ser un avance estratégico para su organización sin fines de lucro.